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Verifying your Mastodon Account 

Account verification is a very simple process that you can do yourself. Also it is a very important for proving that you own that Mastodon account. It baffles me that even tech literate people don’t do it.


Thriller science fiction movie about time travel. This is a short blog to recommend it (or rather a note to remember its name in the future), spoilers here.

You have the Perfect Poker Face

I really like how unopinionated I am about you, the reader, when I am sharing my opinions in a blog post. Isn’t that interesting?

Write Freely on Yesil Club

I like blogging and believe it should be more accessible. Thus I am hosting a blogging platform that is open to public registration. You can start a blog on blog.yesil.club if you don’t have one already.

Mastodon will never be Twitter

Now that Twitter is shaking and everybody is looking for an alternative, Mastodon has been getting some attention. Some people probably think that Twitter is big too fail and Mastodon is too small that "Mastodon will never be Twitter". This article is about how I couldn't agree more with the phrase "Mastodon will never be Twitter", but not with the argument.

I wiped my SSD by accident

I thought I would never need it. I thought it was unnecessary. I thought it would be a struggle to set it up and a burden to maintain. But, am I glad I setup some backup system anyway.

Android Privacy Report

This paper by Prof Doug Leith shows how great and terrible Android can be for the privacy of its users.

Lifespan of electronic devices

Almost everybody wants the latest gadget. Everybody also wants their devices to last as long as possible, or at least sell for a good price on 2nd hand. I too have opinions on how long something is useful, also a 4 years old phone.

MSI GF65 Thin with Pop_OS! Review

Lenovo Ideapad 110 I had been using for 4 years was fried when the charger broke down. I started using my brother's MSI GF65 laptop with Pop_OS! And I got to say, I didn't expect it to work as well as it did, especially given that MSI builds computer optimized for and preinstalled with Windows.

My workflow for publishing on this site

I wanted a blog and I wanted it to be fast, without unnecessary stuff like trackers and cookies and with as little moving pieces as possible. Introducing the website you are reading right now, static pages written in and generated by Publii SSG, hosted by NeoCities and updated via webdav connection.