Too Many Online Accounts

Dashlane projected that people in 2020 would have 207 online accounts in average. I have over 300.

I hardly believe I am using half of those 300 accounts in my daily life. In fact, I don't think I have accessed to 50 of them in last 6 months. They must be waiting for either me to login or to be exposed in next data breach.

Take Uber for example. I somehow ended up with 2 accounts on Uber. Last time I used Uber was some months ago and I wasn't even the one who called it, my mum did.

I decided to create a new Bitwarden account and only move the logins I decided to keep round. I can't wait to find all the dangling accounts with easy passwords or unimportant accounts which are not using an email alias.

This is also an 

What now?

This is a call for you to do the same. You probably have a dozen of forgotten accounts which are nothing but security risks now.

Even if you are someone who doesn't care much about online privacy or security, please at least check your emails for involvement on data breaches on


Infographic by Dashlane:

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This article was updated on 8 Aug 2022