Blogs go on and under

Wayback Machine comes to rescue when a website is no longer accesible.

I had many teachers in life. Aside from my parents, friends, lecturers and experiences, I also had strangers to teach me. Even though I never met most of those strangers face to face, I read their stories, experiences and accessed their knowledge via their personal blogs.

All the learning resources generated by strangers, lecturers, aquaintances and parents are too valuable to let to vanish. Similar to how we have private archives of our personal files, we should have public archives of our learning resources. Donโ€™t worry about the archive hosting because it is generously provided by the Internet Archive.

Wayback Machine for time travel

Wayback Machine is the website archive search engine by the Internet Archive. It allows browsing older and newer versions of crawled websites as well as creating.

I felt the need for writing this posts when I noticed that 2 blogs I used to read are no longer around. But thanks to Internet Archive, neither are lost forever. If you too have a website, please search it in Wayback Machine. You either will be amazed, or notice that it isnโ€™t saved and facing danger of total disappearence.


Wayback Machine is so useful that you may find yourself using it almost as much as Wikipedia. I say so because I do.


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