How do I comment/reply to your posts?

  1. Each post has an associated post on Fosstodon (a Fediverse instance), which I treat as the comment section to its counterpart on this site. You can reply to and favourite it.
  2. If you don't have a Fediverse account or just prefer email in general, you can reply via email as well. Send an email to Make sure that subject line is "comment to [post title you are replying to]".

If I think your comment is a good contribution to the blog post and you give me your permission, I may append your comment to the post.

There are no embedded comments for few reasons

  1. Implementing and maintaining a comment system is a hustle or require subscribing to an external service.
  2. Collecting and managing user data is a privacy nightmare I don't want to get into.
  3. I would like to moderate comments closely to prevent spam.
  4. This is a static site and I don't want it to slow down just to deliver bunch of otherwise unnecessary JS code.

I am not against the idea of showing replies and comments of others' to my posts. I believe lack of communication is one of the many problems of our age. Comments can  a great way to start conversation. Therefore I decided to actually append your comment to posts on this site only with your explicit permission.

Fosstodon is the preferred method if you want your comment to appear immediately. Fosstodon is a Mastodon instance on a federated social media called Fediverse. If all these sound strange to you, just go with the email. Meanwhile, you can learn more about Fediverse in my post [currently in draft] and on Fediverse Party website.

This article was updated on 14 Jul 2022