Write Freely on Yesil Club

I like blogging and believe it should be more accessible. Thus I am hosting a blogging platform that is open to public registration. You can start a blog on blog.yesil.club if you donโ€™t have one already.

I see so many people writing blogs but not always using the best tool for the job. Some people are using micro-blogging platforms like Twitter to share their long form blogs. Some people are apparently okay with this. They will take their message and chop it, dice it, mince it and call it a thread๐Ÿงต. A micro-blogging platform is called a micro-blogging platform because it is a micro-blogging platform, not a blogging platform.

Image you are trying to read a novel that is written on the back of a thousand gift cards. Would you find it comfortable? What would you think of the mental health of the author who thought that was okay? This is how I feel whenever I see a thread.

Best way to fight a bad habit is to offer a sensible alternative. Writefreely is a strictly blogging platform with a ActivityPub support. It still is in its infancy but it already works pretty well. Therefore, I decided to host a Writefreely server open to public registration. If you want to write blogs without worrying about character limits, you are welcome to create an account on blog.yesil.club.

Writefreely offers 3 types of content presentation. Blog: Dates are shown. Latest posts listed first. Novel: No dates shown. Oldest posts first. Notebook: No dates shown. Latest posts first.

Yesil Club lets all accounts to create up to 3 blogs, just in case you want to try all 3 types of content presentation by Writefreely or want to compartmentalize, like general musings, personal projects and notes.


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