I wish Condolences and Godspeed to all earthquake victims [EN]

Earthquake of 7.4 magnitude hit Turkey and Syria for nearly whole minute. With a strong earthquake comes many more aftershocks. Over 40 aftershocks continued hitting as hard as magnitude of 6.7.

Turkey is sitting on Anatolian tectonic plate which is located in between Arabic, Aegean, African and Euroasian plates. Earthquake on 6th February 2023 morning was due to stress between Arabic and Anatolian tectonic plates. Movement forced Anatolian plate into Euroasian plate which made earthquake be felt in Greece and UK too.

Everybody is trying to offer helping hand, Ukrain included. If you want to help fınancıally, you can donate to AKUT.

Cracked buildings are not safe

Sad thing is that people are entering back to their houses thinking that it can not collapse if it stood during the earthquake. But many of these building have cracks and damage caused by the earthquake makes collapse, long after the aftershocks, very likely. One of my relatives said that the apartment they rented ehile they were living in Diyarbakır collapsed 3 hours after the earthquake.


There are people in other parts of Turkey who are preparing rooms in their houses to welcome earthquake victims. Turkey is a large country and I understand that getting to safe shelter won’t be easy during winter. But entering back to damaged buildings is a gamble you definitely don’t want to take.


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This article was updated on 7 Feb 2023