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Switching to Bluetooth earphones

My one and only phone, Andromeda, is a Redmi Note 4. I purchased it 3 years ago. It initially suffered from problems such as consuming battery for self overheating. But I later switched custom ROMs, Lineage and Havoc OS, and battery started to last more than a day. Andromeda served me well in its 3 years of service and it continues to do so albeit with some hickups.

I am not the best phone user. I actually am a clumsy person who drops his phone on regular basis. So much so that Andromeda's display got replaced once and glass twice. Its glass is broken as I write these lines 😁️

But broken glass isn't the issue. It still detects my touches fairly accurately. Real problem is that, a recent drop resulted front speaker to stop working so that I can't hear other person during phone calls and some copper piece come out of headphone jack which rendered microphone on headsets to not connect so that other person cannot hear me during a phone call (if I am using a headphone). My temporary solution was to use loud speaker which is annoying and makes private calls difficult. Also it is rude in public. Another option was bluetooth speaker which requires some budget.

I could spare 20$ for a pair bluetooth earphones. Pretty generous huh 😜️
Anyway, after some market search I set my mind on Redmi Airdots.

Do I recommend them?
No and Yes. They aren't the best earphones, not even best in-ear earphones, but they are affordable.
Just like every other in-ear earphones, they aren't comfortable even after I replaced the tips with different size that better fits 😕️ They will do for now. It isn't too much of a deal since I am planning to use them only for calls. Speakers on wired earphones still work with the phone fortunately.

Top Caption: Switched to Bluetooth earphones after phone's headphone jack. Bottom Caption: Modern problems require modern solutions

Day 17 of #100DaysToOffload


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