Black Lives Matter


Ali Murteza Yesil

Mastering life through art of making mistakes.
I make mistakes and love to learn from them. I would appreciate your constructive criticism 😅️

Smart people learn from their experiences, geniuses however learn also from others' experiences

This kid is looking for his calling. He may have find it in advocating for privacy. This is not to say that he is perfect at defending it, he still makes rookie mistakes.

Confession: I didn't know English Language when my family and I moved to Kenya. I only learned English Language in Kenya since it was my priority, not Swahili 😐️ I still would like to call myself grew up in Kenya since this is where my personality was shaped.
Confession: I also would like to use word "nigga" in friendly way Kenyans use, not in racist way American tend to use.

Favourite foods: Sarma (stuffed grape leaves/cabbage), matoke chips Favourite drinks: Water, Ayran (it is NOT salty milk) Favourite memes: Hide the pain Harold, This is fine


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