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My Linux Journey


I learned to use linux by breaking it. First time I broke Ubuntu, I purged Xorg while trying to remove KDE 😬️

Pardus logo Pardus

I started my Linux journey with Pardus installation CD distributed with science magazine of TÜBİTAK. It probably was around 2011. What I do remember is the sluggish KDE 4 desktop that brought old family computer (512MB RAM, 1,6GHz single core CPU) to its knees. What I liked about Pardus was how easy it was to get started thanks to familiar looking KDE. Even though KDE was sluggish on that laptop, compiz animations were fast. WiFi worked out of the box with some occasional disconnection issue. It also had Firefox and no Internet Explorer. I learned one thing with Pardus, Windows is not the only operating system out there and one doesn't have to pirate software to have a functional computer.

2011 was the time I never knew about the terminal. I never searched for it on application manager. Linux desktop was usable without CLI in 2011. Forget about shell commands, I didn't know English language back then. Unfortunately the 7 years old laptop couldn't hold any longer and just died in a sunny day of 2012. It wasn't Linux's problem. Laptop was from 2005.

Would run it for nostalgia on a VM 😁️


Lenovo IdeaPad 110
AMD A8 CPU (4 cores boosting to 2.2GHz) with iGPU (for rendering desktop)
8GB RAM (6.7GB usable thanks to integrated GPU 😠️)
AMD R5 GPU (2GB Vram for projector support)
Fan for cooling through motivation
1366x768 display (for 720p window + 48 pixel for title and task bars 😅️)
Keyboard (with short Shift key 😠️) with numberpad
Touchpad which is comfortable and sometimes makes me forget to use mouse
Barely Camera because why not
Plastic body because it worked for Barbie 🤣️ 1TB HDD 5200 RPM DVD R/W bay which I replaced with 240GB SSD with on board RAM

Ubuntu logo Ubuntu

I installed Ubuntu on IdeaPad 110 the day it was delivered in 2017. Unity desktop environment was a nice change from other operating systems I used. Ubuntu was amazing and every program I could need was available in the store. WiFi and bluetooth worked amazingly well out of the box.

There were 2 things I didn't like about Ubuntu:
First is the AppArmor internal error prompt. I disabled AppArmor and issue was fixed 🤦‍♂️️
Second was the half new and half old looking system after a release upgrade.


Mint Logo Linux Mint

Linux Mint is Ubuntu plus cinnamon DE minus snap packages. Change my mind

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Solus Logo Arch

I learned what RTFM means and how useful Arch wiki is. Nonetheless I ended up with something that wouldn't work. I know it was my mistake to install whatever I could find on AUR which can break the system. But in my defense, I was spoiled by installing stuff from a repo and not breaking anything.

Some assembly required / 10
I am not Mad Lad enough

Solus Logo Solus 3.99

I tried Solus because my prejudgment for stability of Arch Linux prevented me trying Manjaro. Solus was much faster than Ubuntu even though I tried GNOME edition. Games were playable which is an interesting development given that this laptop is suitable for offices and gaming isn't something it should be able to do.

Every GPU driver update was causing system to boot into black screen. Fix was rebooting it system to safe mod and rebooting to latest driver. I would be happy to use stable kernel instaled of edge but graphics drivers didn't work with stable for some reason. Given Solus is a rolling release, I was getting this problem 2 or 3 times a week.

███ / 10

Manjaro logo Manjaro

It works. It is lighter than anything I tried so far, partly thanks to optimization done to KDE. Manjaro is stable and is recommendable to grandpas. That being said, Manjaro and Arch's one of the biggest attraction is AUR which also is the weak spot. Most people break their systems because they did something wrong while installing from AUR.

Still recommended though

Pop OS logo Pop_OS!

Pop_OS! is the Ubuntu++ that I expected Linux Mint to be. Pop is especially recommended for computers with Nvidia's sand. But for some reason it kept slowing down faster than any other OS I tried on this computer (excpet Windows 10 which always was slow).

I started the installation and let it use the entire SSD the way it wished. All the defaults except the encryption which I don't think effects the performance because if it did, why wasn't it affecting at the beginning. About 50GB or 240GB SSD is filled.

I used to distro hop for fun and trying other distros. Not with Pop_OS ! I wanted to use this for the long shot but it keeps slowing down on me.

Only if it knew it was installed on an SSD and performed so.

Solus Logo Solus 4.1

It turns out, both iGPU and complementrary dedicated GPU supports Vulkan. No other system could run anything on Vulkan before. Even after adding PPAs and installing mesa and vulkan stuff, I always had to use PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 flag to run windows games. Native games performed poorly too. Solus was like a fresh air to my computer 😃️

GPU driver update no longer causes black screen. I installed it on the HDD to try it out. And with Pop_OS! on SSD slowed down enough to be almost match with Solus on HDD, I am planning to replace Pop with Solus.

9/10 until it break again
Sorry for being negative but if it won't break (hopefully), I will make a newbie mistake at some point and break it 😁️

This is NOT the end for a distro hopper

I believe the reason geeks started to distro hop is that there are many different people with different needs and there are different distros with strong point and weaknesses. Desire for finding the best for our own use case pushes us to hop between many distros.

  • There are developers who need to have the latest libraries to test against their projects.
  • There are grand parents who need a way to communicate with their children and grandchildren.
  • There are servers which run day and night to provide services to millions of people.

There is no single best solution. That is actually why there are many distros in the first place. We will keep hopping in hopes of finding the best for our personal use case andbe able to give educated answer to people who ask for recomendation.

A cat hovering off the ground. Top caption: There is a new distro with mouse themed wallpapers. Bottom caption: It is time to hop

Day FizzBuzz (15) of #100DaysToOffload


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