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Digital Cleansing For Better Privacy

I previously wrote about how I got became more privacy caring individual and I tooted about My Master Plan for Privacy of My Family. As I grew up, I came to realize how much we gave up on privacy for the convinience and "free" services. We are social creatures. I was using Google Photos, WhatsApp, Youtube and Instagram as much as I could and my family is doing the same. We are putting each other's privacy at stake by uploading data about each other without knowing. I decided to change that either by finding privacy focused alternatives to digital services I was using or by build server system to offer alternatives myself.

I am not the first to do this. There are many privacy friendly alternatives developed by people who care about privacy. It isn't hard to find those alternatives. Many people went through this journey, which I call "Digital Cleansing For Better Privacy". During my journey, I will document the steps I have taken and write my thoughts about the alternatives I tried.

Digital Cleansing For Better Privacy

  1. Identifying products and services we use
  2. Finding/Offering alternatives
  3. Moving to alternatives and helping my family to move as well

After identifying the products and services that needs replacing, I will loop step 2 and 3 for each product and service. This way I will be introducing only 1 service to my family at a time. I am planning to give them enough time for learning each alternative and understand why they should use it instead. Else, this would get overwhelming very quick.

Day 2 of #100DaysToOffload


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