Cover Letter

Hello. My full name is Ali Murteza Yesil. I am a tech enthusiast and a privacy advocate.


I went to university for Computer Science degree but due to some political reasons I had to move and didn't get the chance to finish it. Thus I am not a university graduate. Most of my knowledge is from reading online and tinkering around with what seemed interesting to me. For example I learned about firewall rules, DNS and SSH when I was building my personal Nextcloud server. I use Linux in my day-to-day life as well as other privacy respecting systems and tools such custom Android, Signal, Snikket etc.

Edmonton and ETS

I am a Canadian-to-be originally from Turkey. My currently reside in Edmonton, AB. I have Canadian PR, Permanent Residence, and don't require sponsorship or Work Visa to work within Canada. I don't have my personal car nor posses a driver's license, but comfortable with public transport. I am single and can easily relocate for work if necessary.


I am a much more clean canvas than I wanted to be. Life presented difficulties that prevented me from putting a single certificate under my  belt. I may not be Master of X but I try to compensate that by trying to be a Jack of all IT.

This article was updated on 7 Aug 2022