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Blog in Progress #2

Current theme I use isn't all old school but it isn't responsive enough either. Since I don't want to have external dependencies to other frameworks there will be no Bootstrap import. I am thinking of writing a responsive theme from scratch. Also, I am putting more emphasize on the text size and spacing. which is one of the things I don't like about the current theme. Of course I could change text sizes in blueidea theme but I am feeling itchy for a challenge 😅️

There is currently nothing to see. It doesn't render anything since bare minimum templates such as base.html and index.html aren't in place yet.

This is an ambitious projects since I didn't write any website from scratch before. I only have basic understanding of HTML, CSS, responsive design and a11y. Features I implemented into blueidea are held together with band-aids. That is why I didn't made a pull request with my changes to blueidea's github repo. This new theme will have those features by design (now that is a selling pitch for something that doesn't exist yet).

Planned features are decided but not yet TBA

I still didn't fix MP4 MIME type issue. If you are facing that issue, you can download the video via . There is currently only one mp4 video and I am thinking of self hosting a PeerTube instance and embedding videos from the that instead of using limited storage space of server for this blog.

this is fine gif

Day 21 of #100DaysToOffload


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